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Yoga for Your Back
Level 1 & level 2

With introduction
by Dr.Mark Feldman
Chiropractor and our technical consultant.

" exercise routines
strictly adhering to the
21st century protocols
for safe spinal

" The series of yoga practices that we
have developed,
is a blending of the
ancient wisdom
of the Vedic arts and sciences with our
modern day
understanding of biomechanics,
and spinal

"The system of
yoga has been
used for health
maintenance for

Mark Feldman

Yoga to Health CDs

YTH - Growing Younger with Yoga

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YOGA CD- Growing Younger with Yoga

Yoga for your rejuvenation. 60min.

Track 1: Breathe, Limber.
Track 2: Enliven your spine. The 7-Way Stretch
Track 3: Standing Poses.
Track 4: Standing Poses to Music.
Track 5: Relaxation and Meditation Practice.
Track 6: Ambience, soothing music track.

Note: This CD is the same soundtrack as the Growing Younger DVD.

Cost $19.95

YTH - In Stillness I Heal My Spine

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YOGA CD- In Stillness I Heal my Spine

Now with a new cover! Very popular, yoga for your back on CD. (60 min) There are 3 tracks, each fully voice guided by Louise Relax and renew body, mind and breath

Track 1: Enliven your spine. The Spine Savers.
Track 2: A therapuetic stretch to maintain your spine.
Track 3: Visualise healing in the Garden of Tranquility.
This popular CD is now in its 3rd printing.
Please note that the posture squence of spine savers is included in a booklet enclosed.

Cost $19.95

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Instinness I Heal my Spine CD
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