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Enhanced Yoga to Health eBook

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Yoga to Health eBook

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Enhanced Yoga to Health eBook

Having written several published books that have proven to be popular over the years, Louise thought it time to get into the next generation and publish an eBook. They are great when traveling and so easy read, not to mention that many books can be stored in such a small device such as your smart iphone, tablet or i pad, and carried with you easily. Photographs on the right were taken from the movie clips included in the book of which there are 9 totalling 50mins, these clips comprise a balanced yoga class practice.

These movie clips will help you follow the posture sequences a little more easily. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, although the book contains some 100 to 200 hundred pages along with these clips. (this number depends on the equipment that you use).

Topics covered include, guided meditation, relaxation exercises to restore the soul, stories to inspire, yoga philosophy, recipes to aid your body's chemistry and inspirational affirmations.

Available from iTunes cost $US7.99

Yoga to Health eBook

This eBook is the same as the enhanced eBook above except it does not have the movie clips but instead a comprehensive set of photographs taken from the movies to illustrate the postures making it easy for you to follow.

Available from Amazon & Kobo cost US$5.99


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